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After getting our pup, Lily, we had trouble finding dog gear that we liked. What we found was poorly made with cheap materials, was downright daggy or was impossible for us to get here in the Philippines 

Like having a dog, your dog gear should make you feel something. You use it every day, it lives in your house and, most importantly, it plays a part in bonding you to your dog.

Pely is here to bring that good feeling.




We have strived to bring functionality, fashionability and sustainability to all products. 

All products are crafted with our very own Vegan Leather. With style in mind, we were adamant to create a carrier that could be worn by fashion-conscious individuals and their beautiful companions. 

We wanted a comfortable interior that would attract pups, defying the typical impression of a dog carrier. To this end, all carriers are lined with 100% recycled fabric - adding plushness, colour and ventilation.  

The inner cushions feature a soothing fur-feel cover, again, pooch comfort is at the forefront.  

By finding the gap in the market for luxe, affordable doggy carriers, we also discovered we couldn't find classic, minimalistic collars and leashes for our own pup and the collection grew. 

What separates us from other brands, is, we would say, the emphasis we place on bringing out collections that are equally as wearable for a pooch as accessorise-able as they are for you! Colours, textures and solid patterns are important to us, as we create styles that suit your wardrobe, whilst being comfortable for your pup and designed with durability in mind.



We've got more good vibes on the way. Think more fun for your home and adventures. 

We're especially excited about giving back to the dog community, more on that with our next product drop.

We will continue to create the mood so you and your best friend can feel good.


For our fur babies,


Pedro, Lily and Primo!

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